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                                                                                         13 JANUARY 2017                                                                                 

Dear Parents

At the start of the new school year, we would like to wish all parents a prosperous 2017.  We trust that you enjoyed the lengthy vacation with your children and it is our wish that everyone will approach the new school year with enthusiasm and determination.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued loyalty and co-operation in 2017.


A special word of welcome to the new parents of our school.  We believe and trust that you will become Daniel Pienaar family quickly and that you will experience very pleasant ties with Daniel Pienaar THS.  If you have any uncertainties, then please contact us at any time.   The adaptation of your child to high school can only be optimally achieved if the parents and the teachers work in close co-operation and as partners.  Rest assured that the teachers strive to provide the best in the classroom as well as at extra mural activities.


Learners at Daniel Pienaar THS must be very committed towards their academic work.   Academic success is the basis of a learner’s successful school experience.  Any achievement or success in extra mural activities can be recognised and appreciated only if it is not at the expense of his/her academic achievement. 

Parents are therefore requested to support this viewpoint and to encourage and discipline their children accordingly.   Punctual completion and handing in of assignments and tasks, as well as dedication to all other forms of assessment are not negotiable.  Learners who neglect their duty in this regard will forfeit their privilege of shortened school days during the examinations, and will have to stay at school for the duration of the school day.



You are again reminded that the total fees per child for the year is R15 400 (learning material and text books included).  The amount of R15 400 for 2017 must be paid in 11 instalments as follows:

Payment by instalments:


Ø  A first instalment of R1 800 to receive learning material, which includes text books and/or duplicated modules, was payable on the first school day.

Ø  Thereafter, ten instalments of R1360 per month per learner for ten months                         (February to November).

Ø  Instalments are payable in advance and the first instalment for February must be paid at the end of January so that the last instalment for November, can be paid at the end of October.

Lump sum payment:

Ø  R15 000 (R400 discount) as a lump sum for the whole year if paid before or on 7 February 2017.

Ø  CORRECT AMOUNTS - Please send the correct amount to school.  It is difficult for us to give change.


If parents enquire about school fee payments, receipts MUST be provided.  Parents must therefore make sure that they receive receipts, and keep them in a safe place.  Enquiries can be made at Mrs Greeff at the finance office of the school.




The attached questionnaire (Annexure A) MUST be completed by ALL parents and returned to school by your child by 20 January 2017.

If there are parents who are, for valid reasons, unable to pay the above-mentioned amounts, they must complete an application form for discount, before 7 February 2017.  The forms are available on request at the general office at the school.  The completed form must be handed in by the parents at the general office of the school.

INTERESTED PARENTS MUST COLLECT A FORM FROM THE FINANCE OFFICE AT THE SCHOOL.  When the application form is handed in, a discount application register must be signed by the parent.  All parents who have handed in the application form and signed the register, will receive a written response to their application.  Discount according to a sliding scale is available for deserving cases.

Please take note that the SA Schools Act determines that the gross income of both parents, also divorced parents, is taken into account when determining the discount.


Legal foster parents fill in only the first part of the application form and then attach the relevant documentation.  You therefore do not have to fill in the financial particulars.  


The different items of Daniel Pienaar school- and sports clothing can be acquired only from the following places:



All sports clothes like the tracksuit, rugby jersey, Tiger T-shirt, maroon shorts, scarf, DP Golf shirt, white cricket pullover, DP-cap, as well as the maroon school pullover, may only be bought from the shop at the school.  Under no circumstances may the above-mentioned items be bought anywhere else because no other supplier has permission from the school to sell these items.




The shops in Uitenhage and Despatch only have permission to sell the formal school uniform like the short sleeved shirt, trousers, tie, long socks, maroon long sleeved jersey, school gym, blazer and maroon sports bag. The maroon pullover may only be bought at the clothing shop at the school.

It is possible that, if a supplier does not have permission to sell a certain item, colours and designs will not meet the requirements of the school and then the clothing will not be acceptable at school.

Parents are also not allowed to make their own versions of the different items of the school- and sports clothes.



No parent will be allowed to offload or pick up their children inside the school campus.

The high volume of traffic is a threat to the safety of our learners.  Another reason is the fact that the campus roads are not designed and built for public traffic and are becoming potholed.  Therefore the roads on the campus must then be repaired and resealed at great cost.


The text books that your child receives are the property of the school and it is expected of learners to look after the books very well.  All books must be handed back to the school at the end of the year in the best possible condition.


Please ensure that your child's school case is in a good condition.  All learners must be in possession of an ordinary school case (dark in colour) with hard sides which can provide proper protection for their books.  This will assure maximum use of textbooks and will also keep the expense of new books as low as possible.


All textbooks must be covered with plastic.  Writing books can be covered with paper or plastic or both if a learner so prefers.

All text books must be covered in the above manner by Friday, 20 January 2017.



All parents must please download the D6-School Communicator app, free of charge, onto their phones or computers, as soon as possible. We will soon communicate with parents through this medium.

Printed copies of correspondence with parents can be requested by parents or learners.



Prents are kindly requested to use standard writing pads or A4-paper for all letters to the school.  All letters from parents are filed for record purposes.  It is however difficult to file letters written on small pieces of paper.



Attached for your convenience is a list of important dates.



Please keep all circulars for future reference.



Kind regards      

N.J. Claassen


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