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DP Interact Club

Daniel Pienaar Interact aims to promote friendship and has adopted the motto “Tigers who care”.  In view of this they are keen on supporting charity events.  In addition to new projects planned by every new committee, the following projects are usually launched:

*             Fundraising for CANSA

*             Dressing Red and a donation towards Heart-and-Stroke Foundation

*             Supporting Casual Day

*             Supporting the Animal Lovers’ Society and the SPCA

All Tigers with kind hearts and altruistic natures are invited to join Interact.



Daniel Pienaar tries to impress on its learners the importance of donating blood.  Every term the school has a blood drive.  The school also supports the Blood Donation Committee in fundraising by granting them a civvies day every term.  This enables the committee to offer every donor a sandwich – also an attempt to encourage blood donation.  Since 2013 the committee has also introduced a time-slot for parents to donate blood at Daniel Pienaar.

Provided that they are healthy, Tigers are implored to disregard all arguments that will prevent them from donating blood.  Saving lives should be their focus.



DP encourages public-speaking since learners will need public-speaking skills, e.g. through research, logic, objectivity and persuasion in their future lives, be it the work-place or their community.

Daniel Pienaar’s main oratory contest is usually held in the fourth term.  There are a junior (Grade 8-10), senior (Grade 11-12) and bilingualism category.  Topics are made available at the end of the third term so that learners have ample time to prepare.

Twenty-seven learners competed in 2013 and the English Department encourages all prospective participants to hone their oratory skills for the 2014 competition.

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