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Daniel Pienaar Kampus 120 Jaar

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Join DPTHS Association now

Dear Old Scholar, parent and supporter.

At the beginning of 2018, our school wants to address the future and challenges ahead with a new
commitment. For this reason, we need the support of all who have attended Daniel Pienaar.
Without our Heavenly Father and your support, we are like a rudderless boat on the water.

We are in the process with our lawyer, Almero Kritzinger (also an old boy), of changing the name of
"INGWE TRUST". The trust for Daniel Pienaar will now be known as the DPTHS Trust. For this reason,
the DPTHS Association was established. By joining this association, not only the school, but also you
as a member will benefit. The committee of DPTHS Association will consist of six members namely
the principal, four old scholars and a supporter. This committee will elect their own chairperson,
secretary and treasurer (excluding principal). The membership fee is paid into a bank account for this
committee and the committee will use this money for the benefit of the school and its learners with
the necessary consensus from the committee. However, 10% of the membership fees will be
transferred to the trust annually. I want to encourage all old scholars and supporters to contribute to
this case, remember that unity is power. The clubhouse will be open on at least the last Friday of
each month, where members of this association can visit and braai. Remember our motto, “Omnino

By 4 May 2018, our yearly reunion, we would like to be up and running. Our parents and especially
our old sholars living all over the world ara welcome to involve themselves with this association.
Thank you in advance.

Application form: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ldg675BFUX4VSs_ZYaG1pWcrJaddoLCk

Ons Fasiliteite

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120 jaar vierings Dorp Mars

120jaar Paviljoen Choreografie




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